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At Brident, only our orthodontists straighten your smile

Nobody understands facial structure, jaw bones and teeth like our orthodontists. Orthodontists are all about straightening your smile. They spend so much time in school and in residency programs learning about what makes our smiles tick. 

That’s why they’re our go-to guys and gals for all things braces. When you get braces at Brident, you’ll see an orthodontist and no one else.

Traditional braces

Those classic silver braces are a proven, reliable way to align your teeth into a straight, healthy smile. You can even get them gold-plated for a little extra flash. 

Learn more about traditional braces

Clear braces

This new, practically invisible way to straighten your teeth is just as reliable as traditional braces, but not nearly as visible. 

Learn more about clear braces

ClearArc® invisible aligners

Replace brackets and wires with discreet, removable trays that snap over your teeth. Every 2-3 weeks your orthodontist will provide you with a new set of aligners which gradually reshape your smile.

Learn more about ClearArc®

Why do we need braces?

Contrary to popular belief, they’re not just for looks. Crooked teeth and misaligned bites can lead to speech problems, increased risk for decay and even chronic health problems.

Learn why straighter smiles are healthier

Every child needs to see the orthodontist

As your child’s first grown-up teeth start to come in, it’s important to take them for an orthodontic checkup. Catching dental problems early can help your child maintain their healthy smile for a lifetime.

Learn more about kids and their braces

Life with braces

It’s awesome! You’re on track to a bright, new smile. You’ll have to change a couple things, like how you brush and floss, and you’ll have to say “no” to a couple sticky foods (goodbye, super-sticky saltwater taffy!) But trust us, it’s totally worth it. 

What to expect with braces