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You’ve got more choices than you think!

Between crazy-colored bands, gold brackets that bring the bling and clear hardware that lets you go totally incognito, you can customize your braces in so many ways. Whether you want to hide ‘em or flaunt ‘em, we’ve got the braces you need to fit your style. 

Traditional Braces

Reliable, proven, classic! Traditional braces are stainless steel brackets and wires held on with medical-grade rubber bands. We can switch out the bands for a fresh, new splash of color anytime you come in for an adjustment.

Gold braces

Want to add serious style to your smile-in-progress? Try gold braces! The gold-plated brackets and wires look so snazzy and work just as well (and exactly the same) as traditional stainless-steel braces.  

Clear ceramic braces

Clear braces are great if you want to go stealth while you’re straightening your teeth.

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Invisible aligners

Replace brackets and wires with discreet, removable trays that snap over your teeth. Every 2-3 weeks your orthodontist will provide you with a new set of aligners which gradually reshape your smile.

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