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We’ll fill the gaps to build you a better smile

Whether it’s a damaged tooth that needs a crown or bare gums in need of dentures, we’ll do anything we can to help bring your smile back to life.

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Your best smile starts with a little TLC

Before we can restore your smile to its full glory, we’ll have to treat the underlying problems with your teeth, gums and jaw. It’s important that your new smile has a strong, healthy mouth as its foundation. 

Root canals

Endodontist to the rescue!

When a tooth gets infected deep inside, it can be so painful, you’ll just want to rip it out. That won’t be necessary, though. We can stop the pain and you can keep your tooth with a root canal. Root canals to the rescue!

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Sometimes you gotta sacrifice a tooth to save a smile. That’s okay. Our oral surgeons will make your extraction as comfortable and pain-free as they possibly can. 

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Bone Restoration

The first step in restoring a lost tooth

Bone restoration helps keep a missing tooth from getting worse and saves surrounding teeth from a similar fate. During bone restoration, your oral surgeon will graft new material where your tooth’s roots used to be, laying the foundation for dental implants and a strong, healthy jaw. 

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With a strong foundation in place, we’ll build your brand-new smile

Once you’ve fully recovered from the root canals and bone restoration, we can get started on the fun part: building you that awesome smile. 

Crowns and Bridges

Damaged just a single tooth? Crowns could be the thing for you. A crown puts a permanent, protective cap on a damaged tooth. Missing a tooth? Connect two crowns, add a lab-made tooth, and voila! You’ve got a bridge and no more gaps!

Learn about Bridges and Crowns

Dentures and implant dentures

Lost your natural teeth? Dentures are here to help!

We use only the latest in denture implant technology to preserve your jawline, keep your face’s natural shape and restore up to 90% of your chewing ability. Now that’s something to smile about!

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Say hello to the permanent fix for your missing teeth! Implants are the good-as-new replacements for any missing tooth. They’re anchored into the bone of your jaw, keeping it healthy and letting you chew, bite, munch and crunch just like before.  

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