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Little teeth are our extra-big responsibility

Laying the foundations for a lifelong healthy smile starts within just six months of your baby’s first tooth, but no later than your child’s first birthday. From babies to teens and everything in between, kids need extra attention in a safe, kid-friendly place to ensure their adult smiles shine all their lives. 

Keeping little nibblers nibbling is one of our favorite parts of our job, and we take it very seriously.

Hey, did you hear about this?

Kids miss a total of 1.6 million days of school a year because of dental problems

According to The United States Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS), schoolchildren missed a total of 1.6 million days of school because of acute dental conditions. That’s more than three days for each hundred students! Nationwide, cavities are the number one childhood disease. No kid should suffer through dental problems that we grownups can help prevent!

If your child hasn’t had a recent dentist visit, please call Brident Kids today. We’ll give them a complete checkup, totally FREE. Should your child need any additional dental care and/or braces, we’ll help you get the resources you need, including help enrolling in Medicaid. 

Oral health is fun at Brident

We love helping children get involved in their own dental health. We’ll be patient and sprinkle plenty of praise into our simple, fun instructions on how to care for teeth at home. Not only that, but we’ll give out easy-to-follow booklets chock-full of fun activities. Plus, we always provide games and videos to make learning about teeth fun.

Regular checkups and cleanings keep smiles shining on

Your child’s first tooth means it’s time for your child’s first dental appointment. And many more to come, too. Kids should have regular checkups at least twice a year so our pediatric dental experts can help catch or prevent tooth decay and other problems early. Catching and treating these problems from the start can help prevent more serious problems down the line. 

Cavities, sealed out

While brushing is paramount to stopping cavities, it’s not always possible to reach every nook and cranny. Back molars are especially tricky. They’re hard to reach, and the perfect hiding spots for stray food particles and cavity-causing bacteria. That’s where sealants come in. Sealants are a thin, protective coating that reduces and prevents cavities, and they’re perfect for helping kids stay cavity-free. 

Getting sealants is an easy, painless process. The dentist may also apply fluoride, a treatment to strengthens your child’s teeth. It’s all in a day’s treatment at Brident!

Did you know? The American Dental Association (ADA) says sealants applied to molars can reduce cavity risk by up to 80%.

We’re here to defend against cavities

Unfortunately, cavities are the number one childhood disease. That’s why we’re obsessed with their treatment and prevention. Cavities are painful and prone to infection if not treated right away. We repair them with permanent fillings or crowns so kids’ teeth stay strong and healthy. 

At Brident, we fill in all the gaps

Between playground roughhousing, a strong sweet tooth and putting anything and everything into their mouths, kids can be tough on their teeth. Should your child damage a tooth, don’t worry, we can fix it! It’s important to treat hurt teeth early before they become a deeper fracture or infection. Even if that happens, we’ll be right here: we can easily restore a missing or diseased tooth, too.

Did you know? A bad tooth can affect the health of surrounding teeth. It’s true! Bacteria and infection can move to the other teeth nearby, so it’s important to fix dental problems before they spread.

Crowns fit for royalty

If a dental injury is too large for a filling, your child’s dentist may recommend a new crown. A crown can help restore a tooth’s normal size and shape, helping adult teeth come in strong and straight. Our crowns are custom-molded and totally natural-looking. Once a crown is in place, your kid can get back to the activities they love with renewed comfort and confidence. 

Oral health affects kids in more ways than you may think

Healthy teeth play an important role in a child's overall well-being, impacting their ability to eat, speak, smile, and maintain positive self-esteem. When children develop cavities, it can affect their eating habits and even get in the way of concentration and learning in school.

Don’t delay; book your child’s appointment today.